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Mama's True Confessions: Puppy treats

"I got a golden retriever puppy a few years ago. His treats smelled so good that I tried one of them. It tasted like a cookie without sugar." Sophie-Lauren, New York

"I've always wanted to run across a busy street naked. I'm 51 years old and I haven't done it yet." Rebecca, Washington

"Sometimes the mailman accidentally puts my neighbor's mail in my box. I 'accidentally' forget to give it to them." Alisha, Florida

"When I am traveling and spend the night in a hotel room, I always take all the toiletries out of the bathroom, including the toilet paper." Jaime, Minnesota

"I am addicted to free stuff. I sign up for free stuff even if I know I won't use or like it." Carla, Montana

"When I was in high school, I lied to my friends about taking my parents' car out at night and going for joy rides. Instead of riding around town, I really was in bed sleep." Kenneth, Nebraska

"Sometimes when I stock up on an item that offers a rebate, after I mail my rebate form, I mail more rebate forms with my brother's name. He always wonders why companies send him small checks." Candace, California

"My roommate has a cat. When I am home alone, I chase the cat around the room." Tavares, New Jersey

"I wish I could find a boyfriend that looks like my brother." Ally, Arkansas

"My nephew is the ugliest baby I've ever seen, but I tell my sister that he is a handsome little thing." Charlie, Oregon

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