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Mama's True Confessions: Department Store Thief

"While I worked for a department store in the mall, I secretly stole money from the cash register, then framed a co-worker by putting the money in her purse." Tina, Florida

"When my neighbors upset me about my dog barking too much, I broke inside their house and burned a big piece of their living room carpet." Adriana, Nebraska

"At a house party I went to in the summer, things were going great until I decided to call the police and have them end the party." Louis, Boston

"When I worked as a janitor at a high school, I moped the bathroom floor and didn't warn the students there was a lot of water on the floor, one student slipped and fell. The floor I moped wasn't part of my assignment, so another janitor got blamed." Jerry, Wisconsin

"I didn't like one of my co-workers, so when he took his lunch break, I wrote a message to his supervisor pretending to be him saying that he hated his job and was going to quit. When he got back to work, our supervisor fired him." Joan, North Carolina

"When a friend of mine was really drunk at a party, I secretly video taped her falling down and put it on the internet so all of our friends could see it." Amy, California

"Once my brother told my parents I got an F on my test, I had our dog pee in his shoes. When my brother found out, he was very upset at our dog, but he didn't know I was the one who had him do it." Harry, Kentucky

"When I was shopping at the local mall, a kid left his wallet in the dressing room, it had $100 in it, so I took the wallet and saw the kid go back into the dressing to look for it, but I still didn't give it back." Steve, New York

"When I worked for a car dealership, I would go around and spit on the door handle's of every car in the parking lot." Terry, California

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