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I Have A Life To Live

I'm only 13 years old. I don' t know how I got myself to this point.

I'm not overweight and I haven' t faced bullying or anything like that because of my weight. In fact, my family and best friends are amazing. I was never abused, I was never involved in a traumatic event, so why do I have to go through an eating disorder?

This is a question I ask myself everyday. I have never been truly comfortable with my body. Too much jiggle there, too many rolls here. I'm highly self critical and I just can' t seem to get past this.

The ideas of restricting and vomiting my food have lingered in my mind for about a year, but now I have finally started to do so. I can go for a couple of days on orange juice, then the third day, I would have normal amounts of food.

I wouldn't/don't binge, but certain foods like ice cream, peanut butter, cookies, butter, etc make me feel the need to vomit them. Only very recently have I began to vomit them. I have a life to live. I need help and I don' t know how to get it.

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