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Two to Three Year Olds

There are many milestones in physical, emotional and learning development during the ages of two and three. Each child is individual, and developmental milestones should not be compared. Children can reach milestones early or late.

Physical Milestones of a Two to Three Year Old

  • Child will be able to jump with both feet together.
  • Child will be able to hold “fat” crayons and scribble on paper.
  • Child will be able to run and play chase.
  • Child will be able to ride a tricycle.
  • Child will be able to dress himself or herself.
  • Child will be able to climb.
  • Child will start potty training.
  • Child can feed himself or herself.
  • All primary teeth should have emerged.


Learning Milestones of a Two to Three Year Old

  • Child will be able to understand the differences in sizes and textures. He or she will be able to differentiate between large and small, short and tall, soft and hard.
  • Child will be able to say up to 50 words and make small sentences.
  • Child will be able to name up to five different body parts.
  • Child can tell you his or her name, as well as be able to identify some colors when asked.
  • Child loves to engage in pretend and make believe play.

Emotional Milestones of a Two to Three Year Old

  • Child may be hard on himself or herself if he or she makes mistakes.
  • Child starts to label feelings, such as happy, sad, mad.
  • Child knows what he or she likes and dislikes.
  • Child may start having temper tantrums.
  • Child is interested in playing, or being around, other children his or her own age.
  • Children this age tend to excel and flourish with a routine.

When to Contact the Pediatrician

Contact your child’s pediatrician if your child is showing any of the following signs or conditions:

  • Child is unable to use a spoon.
  • Child cannot imitate speech.
  • Child is unable to make eye contact.
  • Child does not notice things in his or her environment, such as birds, butterflies, or flowers.
  • Child seems unaware of when he or she is soiling, and has shown no interest in potty training by his or her third birthday.

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