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Camps for Children With Special Needs

If you have a child with special needs, there are many types of camps your child is able to attend. There are mainstream camps, as well as camps for children who have a learning or behavioral problem, chronic illnesses or physical impairments. There are also camps which take children who have a variety of special needs, along with camps who cater to children with specific needs.


How Does a Special Needs Camp Help Children?

A child with special needs will get the same benefits of camp as any child who attends camp would receive. The special needs child will have the opportunity to feel independent, exercise, interact with their peers, build relationships, as well as have the chance to participate in numerous activities. An added benefit to special needs children is that camp will give them the chance to interact with children who have the similar needs. Interacting with children who are similar to themselves, will help ease feelings of loneliness, and help cope with their illness or disease.

How Do I Find a Camp for Children with Special Needs?

Before you start looking for a camp, you must first decide what type of camp you want to send your child to. A mainstream camp is for all children. This means your child would be around children who have special needs, as well as children who do not. A specific special needs camp would only host children who have the same issues as your child. A general special needs camp will host children of various special needs.

Next, you will have to decide how long you want your child to attend the camp. There are many day camps, as well as weekend retreats and summer camps.

Once you decide which type of camp you want your child to attend, and how long of a stay would benefit your child, you can begin your search. A good place to start your search is by asking your child's doctor. You can also ask the teachers and principals at your child's school.

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