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Parental Involvement With Schools

Parents and guardians have an important place in their child’s school. Parents should feel comfortable in forming a partnership with their child’s school system. Parental involvement unlocks the door for educational opportunities, both for the child and the school. When parents become involved with their child’s education and school, academic scores can rise and teachers and academic professionals stay motivated.

Many studies and surveys have been completed which show that when parents are involved with their child’s education and school, the better the child performs academically and the healthier the child is emotionally.


How You Can Become Involved

It would be hard for a parent to find a school that did not welcome their involvement. Parents should not assume that the only way they can contribute to their child’s school is through baking cookies, or by being a field trip chaperone. There are numerous ways in which parents can become involved which do not require much time or effort.

  • Organize a telephone loop. When an issue or suggestion arises for the school, contact two parents. These two parents can contact two parents, and so on. This loop will provide the school with a sense of community.
  • Volunteer to decorate your child’s room for a special season or event. Many times teachers are flooded with work and they do not have the extra time needed to give the room the special touch that excites and motivates children. Most times, the supplies will be given to you by the school.
  • Start a club at your child’s school. This club does not have to be academically based, either. If you know how to knit, bake, do martial arts, or if you could teach young teens tips on baby sitting--volunteer to hold a club once or twice a month for the children.
  • Attend school events, even if your child is not participating. Take your child to the ball games, swim meets, spelling bees, plays, etc. This may motivate your child to do things he or she may not have thought possible, and it will keep you in touch with school officials.
  • Initiate a Saturday Clean-up Day at the school. Parents can show up with paint, gardening tools, shrubs, etc., to make the school a more attractive place for everyone.
  • Volunteer to work one day a month in the school office, library or lunch room.
  • Be informed and vote for school board officials you deem qualified.
  • Attend school board meetings, PTA meetings and other official gatherings.
  • If you want to become truly involved, run for a position on the school board.

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