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Tips for Helping Your Child Transition When Moving to a New Home

Moving can be very stressful, especially for children. They may be very upset and sad about leaving their friends. It is important that you talk with your children and explain to them that they will never forget their friends. If possible, arrange a party for your children and let them to invite all of their friends. While the party may evoke feelings of sadness and happiness, it can help children accept that they are moving.

Encourage your children to write letters to all of their friends with their new mailing address enclosed. Be sure your children receive the mailing addresses of their friends, as well.

Before you move, try to locate activities your children can participate in that are similar to their activities at their current home. This can include dance lessons, church, music lessons, clubs, sports, recreational outlets such as skating rinks, swimming pools, bowling alleys, arcades and more. Try to have something lined up for your children to participate in soon after the move.

Explore your new area. Try your new restaurants, parks and movie theaters together. You can learn with your children where to shop for video games, toys, art supplies, or whatever your children are interested in doing.

Allow your children to make some decisions in how their new rooms will look. Allow them to participate in painting, arranging and decorating.

Be friendly with your new neighbors and encourage your children to do so, as well. Allow your children to invite a new friend they may meet in the neighborhood into your home, even if you are still in boxes.

Become involved with your children’s school. Encourage your children to become active at school and in their new community. Your children will soon make new friends and their sadness will diminish.

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