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School Motivation

How Do I Keep My Child Motivated About School?

Parental involvement is one of the most important things that will keep a child motivated about school. Parental involvement means more than involvement with the child and his or her studies when the child is at home. Parental involvement also includes the parents’ relationship with the school, and involvement with school clubs or group activities. When parents are involved with their child’s school life personally, as well as with the school system in general, the child is often more motivated about school.

What You Can Do for Your Child at Home

  • Let your child know that you are interested in their school work.
  • Set up a study area for him or her that is free from distractions.
  • Study time should be part of the child’s routine and schedule.
  • Go over your child’s assignments and calculate how much time it will take the child to complete the work.
  • Offer incentives to the child who needs extra motivation with school work. This could include watching a program on television, or playing a game with the parent.
  • Understand that children do better when they learn things over a period of time. Allowing a child to “cram” for a test is not a good habit to allow.
  • Teach your child how to make notes and how to properly review material.
  • Set priorities for homework. If a child has a large project, help him or her figure out how to accomplish it by the due date.
  • Take control over the television in your home. Do not allow children to do homework in front of the television. It will only take the child longer to complete the work, and less of it will be retained.
  • Figure out a good time for homework. Many children do well working on their homework right after they get home from school. Others need a break of an hour or more to regroup before tackling their homework.
  • Look over your child’s homework after it has been completed.
  • Be available to your child when he or she is doing homework to help.
  • Hire a tutor, if needed.
  • Attend school events like 'Back to School Night' and Parent/Teacher Night.
  • Chaperone your child's class on a field trip.
  • Attend sports engagements that your child or your child's friends participate in.

General Tips for Keeping a Child Motivated

  • Show the child that you are interested in their day at school.
  • Know the names of the children in your child’s class.
  • Listen to your child’s stories about school and become an active listener.
  • Ask child about his or her friends.
  • Encourage your child to become involved with a club or sport.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact the teacher if you have a question about your child’s academic or social health.
  • Talk and discuss things with your child that may be concerning him or her.

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