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What to Expect

Each school is individual, however, most schools generally follow the below listed guidelines in education.

What to Expect in Sixth Grade

  • Children will develop deeper reading and interpretation skills.
  • Children will write reports and essays, learn to revise and do re-writes.
  • Children will learn how to write effective business letters.
  • Children will learn how to discuss issues in a group/debate forum.
  • Children will continue with spelling and enrich their vocabulary.
  • Children will learn about clauses, both dependent and independent.
  • Children will learn how to identify sentences, such as simple, compound, and complex.
  • Children will learn the proper use of troublesome words, such as good, well, sit, set, etc.
  • Children will learn more about map features, including Prime Meridian and dessert identification.
  • Children will learn about Ancient Civilizations.
  • Children will learn about the Laws of Nature.
  • Children will learn about natural rights.
  • Children will learn about positive and negative numbers and be able to add and subtract with them.
  • Children will learn about exponents.
  • Children will be introduced to ratios and proportions.
  • Children will learn how to convert measurements.

What to Expect in Seventh Grade

  • Children will continue to read deeper forms of literature.
  • Children will be introduced to more varied writing assignments, such as poems, stories, essays and summaries.
  • Children may be introduced to Latin and Greek root words.
  • Children will learn about prepositional phrases.
  • Children will learn about and study complements.
  • Children will learn about participles and participle phrases, gerunds, and infinitives.
  • Children will learn about World War I and World War II.
  • Children will learn about 20th century history, such as the New Deal, Prohibition, etc.
  • Children will learn the order of operations.
  • Children will have a basic introduction to algebra and geometry.
  • Children will learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide with fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.
  • Children will learn how to interpret data from tables and graphs.
  • Children will learn Earth Science.

What to Expect in Eighth Grade

  • Children will competently know how to write various writing assignments.
  • Children will learn how to identify misplaced modifiers in a sentence.
  • Children will learn about sentence structure, and study parallelism.
  • Children will learn about the origins of the Cold War.
  • Children will learn about the Korean War.
  • Children will learn about the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Children will be able to solve basic equations.
  • Children will learn how to simplify expressions.
  • Children will learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide exponents.
  • Children will learn how to change decimals to fractions and percent, and vice-versa.
  • Children will learn about matters in motion.

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