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High School Academics

What to Expect

The beginning of the high school years is when parents and children plan out the courses which a child will take from year to year. This planning is done so the child will meet the requirements he or she will need to graduate high school.

Each state has its own requirements for graduation from high school. Additional course work may be required to be accepted or enrolled in specific colleges or for a college transfer. Planning what classes are most widely accepted at universities is best for kids unsure about college."


English –Most states require that a student has four credits in English. Composition, writing and literature are generally included in this one credit in many states.

History –Most states require at least three credits in history/social science. This generally includes American History and World History. Additional half credits can be earned in economics and government. Other full credits could include courses in European or Southern History.

Math –Most states require three credits in Math. These credits can generally be from Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Applied Math, Advanced Math, Calculus, or Business Math.

Science –Most states require three credits in Science. These credits can generally be from Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics, or an elective Science.

Wellness –Most states require that a student take one semester of Physical Education and one semester of Health.

What You Should Know About Elective Credits

The particular electives that a student will select to take should be based upon the student’s future goals. For instance, if a student is planning to pursue a university track, the student will need credits in Fine Arts and foreign language. If the student is planning a vocational track, the student should take courses which will facilitate their particular technical area.

Colleges and vocational schools should be researched. Certain colleges may require that a student has two years in one particular language, while other colleges may take two credits in foreign language which are not the same.

It is possible for students to complete college in three years. It is also possible for students to enroll in college courses which will give the child both high school and college credit. If this is the case for your student, you should plan to meet with school administrators to go over your child’s plan.

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