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Finding Quality Daycare

When searching for a quality daycare center for your child, have a list of specific guidelines to go by. When visiting prospective daycare facilities, look for features which meet both the emotional, physical and safety needs of your child.


What to Look for in a Daycare

  • The center should be fully licensed by the state and follow the proper recommendations of child/teacher ratios.
  • Center should be bright and cheerful.
  • Center should have plenty of books, toys and indoor and outdoor play equipment.
  • The center should have centers that are set up for imaginative or make believe play.
  • The center should have rules that children are never left unsupervised.
  • Staff members should be properly trained in first aid.
  • Posting of emergency telephone numbers should be placed by all telephones.
  • Rules should be posted about hand washing for teachers and children.
  • Bathroom facilities should be age appropriate. Toilets and sinks should be within the child’s reach. Bathroom facilities should be clean.
  • Food is nutritious and prepared properly in a safe and clean kitchen.
  • Children who are previously enrolled should appear happy, not scared, sullen or sick.
  • There should be a schedule posted for the child’s day so that the child is on a routine.
  • There should be an open door policy to parents. Parents should be welcomed at all hours of the day and have access to all areas of the facility.
  • There should be a low employee turn over.
  • The center should be more than happy to provide you with references and a list of their policies.
  • The center should provide a warm, loving and nurturing environment.
  • The center should provide you with a daily list of what your child did throughout the day. This list should include what the child had at meal time, how long he or she slept at nap time, as well as what activities he or she participated in.

Signs Your Child Is Having a Problem

There is always a period of adjustment when a child enters a daycare facility, however, if the child is showing any of the following symptoms you should investigate why.

  • Child is very withdrawn, sad, or cries more than usual.
  • Child has bad dreams.
  • Child has bruises.
  • Child’s appetite and personality has change.

If you suspect that your child, or another child, at a daycare center is being abused, notify the authorities immediately.

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