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Sperm donation procedures and costs

All sperm banks require the sperm donor to be anonymous until the child reaches 18 years of age. Most sperm banks give the donor the choice of remaining anonymous after the child reaches 18 years of age. Men who choose to be a known donor, have provided the sperm bank with the information necessary for the child to locate them when he/she turns 18 - if the child wants to.

Pros and cons of anonymous sperm donations


During the first eight years of the child's live, sperm donations are completely anonymous. The guy cannot find out who the baby or mother is and the child and mother can't find out who the sperm donor is. So if the sperm donor wants children and can't or didn't have any he can't track you down and try to force contact with the child.

Most men wouldn't donate without the option of remaining anonymous. Anonymity encourages much more desirable men (PhD students, medical students, etc) to donate.


In a medical emergency - such as if the child needs detailed medical information or a bone marrow transplant, etc - you will not be able to locate any blood relatives.

If a man donates sperm outside a medical facility he can claim paternity rights at any time even if he's signed a contract relinquishing those rights.

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