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Running Sunglasses

What are Running Sunglasses?

Running sunglasses are sunglasses that are especially designed to protect the eyes while meeting the physical demands of running.

Running sunglasses will protect you from harmful ultraviolet light and decrease your risk of developing cataracts.

Why should you wear Running Sunglasses?

Wearing running sunglasses will help ensure comfortable, accurate vision; protect the eyes from UV light radiation; and protect your eyes from dust and debris.

Features to look for?

  • Adjustable temples
  • Adjustable nosepieces
  • Moisture-retaining rubber nose pads and temple pads
    • prevents slipping
  • High-tech lens coatings
    • prevents scratches and fogging
  • Interchangeable tinted lenses
    • provides better vision in different light conditions
  • Wraparound frames and lenses
    • afford unobstructed peripheral vision and no visual distortion.
  • Clip-in prescription lenses
  • Free-floating lenses
    • increases ventilation
  • Breakaway hinge
  • Frame colors
  • Frame shapes
  • Weight of frames

Who will benefit from Running Sunglasses?

Anyone who runs can benefit from running sunglasses.

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