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Running Shirt

What is a Running Shirt?

Running shirts are shirts specifically designed to provide support for runners. They vary in size and are usually made of lightweight material.

Cotton T-shirts are not good running shirts. They are not good running shirts because cotton soaks up sweat as you run, it retains this moisture, which makes it heavy and wet during exercise. Also, cotton T-shirts usually have rough, uneven stitching, which can cause chafing. If you choose to wear a cotton t-shirt while running, wear a shirt that is made out of lightweight cotton.

Finding Running Shirts that are Best for You

The first step in finding running shirts that suit you is to determine your needs. For example, if you plan to run mostly before dawn of after dusk, you probably need a shirt with reflective patches.

Once you determine your needs, you can start looking for shirts that meet your needs.

Make sure you try on different sizes, brands, and models.

Running Shirt Features

There are many types of running shirts. For optimal running, it is very important to find a shirt that best suit you.

Some features to consider:

  • Type of outer fabric
    • water resistant
    • mesh
    • wicking fabrics (wicks moisture away from skin, keeping you drier)
    • UV protection
  • Style of shirt
    • tank
    • v-neck
    • turtle neck
    • long sleeve
    • short sleeve
  • Reflective patches (ideal for nighttime runs)
  • Built-in bra
  • Inner lining
  • Thumb loop (acts like built in gloves)

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