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Benefits and Consequences of Determining Your Own Child Support Agreement

A child support agreement does not have to go through the courts. If the two parents in the process of divorcing can reach an amicable agreement on how much each will financially care for their child, or children, then it is to both individuals benefit not to involve lawyers and the courts.

  • Some people feel that the issues of child custody, and child support, can be handled without the intervention of the law, and this is to their credit if they can see it through and it works in everyone’s favor, not just in one person’s favor.
  • The benefits in determining your own child support is that you both know your child best and you are both well acquainted with your own financial situation.
  • On the other hand, lawyers are adept at legal matters of all kinds because it is what they do for a living.
  • Unfortunately, many divorces are messy and the issue of child support ends up in the middle of it all. It is important to make sure that your child does not end up being the innocent victim who gets hurt in the divorce.

Some individuals choose not to retain the services of a lawyer because they cannot afford one, while other people take the view that having a lawyer will only serve to exacerbate the emotional stress and tension that is already apparent and will cause hostility and resentment between the divorcing spouses to be very high.

Some attorney's are well versed in proper protocol. They get to know judges very well and are familiar with the ways many of them think, which can help them to know which approach will work best, and which will not, as well as the likelihood of how the judge will rule in the child support proceeding.

Attorney's are generally very good at helping his or her client keep their anger, hostility, and resentment in check in the courtroom. When it comes to child support dealings, it is difficult to keep emotions out of it, and the lawyer is proficient at doing just that.

A judge will not look kindly upon open displays of anger and hostility in the courtroom and this can serve to damage the case. Having a lawyer can, in this manner, benefit an individual’s case, as the lawyer is there to calm down his or her client in court.

Child support agreements can be very complex in nature and a lawyer can often help, as opposed to hinder, the situation. Be aware that a child support agreement can be altered after it has been drawn up, but creating the agreement in the first place is much simpler than altering it at a later date.

It is also important to be aware that, even if the two people come to an amicable child support agreement and choose not to get lawyers, a judge will still make the final decision after all is said and done. The child support agreement is often part of the separation or settlement agreement.

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