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What is Qigong Therapy?

Qigong therapies basically use breathing and movement to cleanse, strengthen and circulate Qi. Qi is the life force needed to maintain balance and keep all body systems working. Qigong therapy, through exercise and mediation, helps regulate Qi and keep it flowing freely throughout the body.

A traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) specialist may prescribe Qigong exercise and mediation to help a patient suffering from any variety of physical or mental disorders.


There are approximately 35,000 Qigong exercises. They entail special breathing techniques that help release tension. Releasing tension allows for Qi to move better throughout the body. This helps heal the body and also helps alleviate pain. Qigong exercises increase energy and circulation of blood. Blood is the vessel that carries Qi throughout the body. When circulation is increased, Qi moves more efficiently and becomes stronger. This benefits every part of the body because when Qi is strengthened the body can fight off illness better. Therefore, longevity is one more added benefit of Qigong exercise.


Qigong meditation is a very effective TCM therapy for those who want to improve mental clarity. Once a patient engages in mediation they naturally develop a greater sense of concentration, a more powerful mind, and better memory. The act of meditation focuses heavily on breathing. This releases any stagnant Qi and regulates all of the body systems. It calms the emotions and also recharges the conception vessel and governing body, two very vital substances of TCM.

Many who practice Qigong meditation believe the quietness and stillness help them listen to their creator. This brings unparalleled peace and tranquility to even the most troubled minds and bodies.

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