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The Increasing Popularity of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the United States

Over the last few decades there has been a significant increase in the practice and use of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the United States.  Many people have come to realize that this ancient practice has its place in modern society for a number of reasons.

Medication Dangers

One reason many individuals now turn to TCM is because of an increasing mistrust and skepticism of the medications used in Western medicine.  These medications are chemically manufactured and although many are initially deemed safe by the FDA, they later turn out to be dangerous for many people. Undesirable or harmful effects of some of these medications are sometimes not discovered for many years.  In some cases, these so-called “safe” drugs and the side effects they cause end up causing more harm than good.

Effectiveness of TCM

Another reason the practice of TCM is on the rise in the United States is the simple fact that it works. The practice and its treatments have been around for thousands of years. Observation and testing of TCM treatments and cures show that the techniques are not only effective, but also remarkably safer than Western medical practices. Herbal concoctions, acupuncture, meditation, and Qigong all produce the desired results for many people.  They are also safe and natural.

Preference for “Natural”

People are also increasingly aware of the vast array of toxins and other harmful elements inherent in our modern lives that can cause cancer and other serious diseases.  This makes the natural treatment methods and substances used by practitioners of TCM very appealing to many individuals.  

Support of Western Doctors

One other reason for TCM’s growing appeal and use lies within the medical community itself. More Western doctors are becoming aware of and starting to believe in the benefits of TCM. They are more apt to prescribe treatments such as acupuncture for pain rather than prescribe a potentially addictive pain medication.  Doctors who recognize the validity of TCM often encourage their patients to give it a try.

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