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The General Philosophy of Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine has been practiced for thousands of years. It is not only still practiced today where it originated, but it has spread across the globe and is more accepted now than ever.

The philosophy of Chinese medicine revolves around the belief that the body needs to be in harmony with itself and its environment to function properly. When there is a disruption in harmony, the body becomes ill. The life force, called Qi or Chi energy, runs along pathways throughout the body and is the vital force that maintains health, happiness and harmony.

Chinese medicine believes when this life force or Qi is blocked, the body is open to all sorts of illness. Therefore, the path to wellness and fighting disease depends on the body’s ability to remove whatever is blocking Qi and restore the pathways. Chinese medicine is also based in nature. The body is part of nature. All of the systems within the body relate to the elements, seasons, and the natural world.

While Western medicine is based on science and molecular biology, Chinese medicine is based on observation and practice. Chinese medicine does not treat a specific illness with a specific medicine all of the time, which is the typical approach in Western medicine. Each case and each patient is unique and must be observed.

A patient’s symptoms are just part of a much larger picture and the entire body is included in the treatment. This holistic, whole body approach to treatment is what sets Chinese medicine apart. There is also a focus on wellness and prevention as opposed to just treating disease when it occurs.

Treatments in Chinese medicine include whole body therapies, such as acupuncture, acupressure, herbal concoctions, Qigong exercise and meditation. Chinese medicine offers treatments for virtually all ailments.

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