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What to Do If You Are Raped

Rape is a subject which many individuals may be hesitant to talk about but it is something that should be discussed. Many people may wonder what to do if they are raped. There are a few necessary steps which should be taken right after a rape has occurred for both the safety of the raped individual and for the purpose of seeing that justice is served. The following will provide a brief guideline as to what to do if you are raped.

Get to Safety As Soon As Possible

The main priority once a rape has occurred is for the rape victim to get to a safe place. This can be one’s home, the home of family or friends or a police station. Anywhere which promotes a safe environment, free from the rapist, is ideal for the rape victim. It is crucial that the rape victim take the necessary steps to get as far away as possible from their attacker.

Go Straight to the Hospital

Once the raped individual has gotten away from the attacker, the next step is to head directly to the nearest hospital. It is very important that the individual does not change their clothing or wash themselves so that evidence can be preserved. Once at the hospital, the medical health professionals will administer a rape test kit and treat any injuries which the rape victim may have sustained. The hospital staff will also provide information in relation to the topic of rape and what to do next.

Contact the Police

It is best to contact the police as soon as possible after the rape has been committed. This will make it more likely that the evidence can be examined in an expedient manner and that the rapist will be caught. If the individual has time, it is important to write down all facts surrounding the rape so that the police will have the best and most recent information to go by when trying to apprehend the rapist. Contacting the police will help to ensure that the rapist is caught, that person is prevented from raping others in the future and justice is served.

Pursue Counseling Options

The effects of rape are not something which disappear the next day. Rape is a crime which often has longstanding and serious effects on the rape victim. Therefore, pursuing counseling options after a rape has occurred is a wise option. Counseling can be obtained over the phone, in a personal counseling session or in a group counseling session. No matter which counseling option one chooses, each is helpful in its own way. It is really a personal choice as to which one seems to be most accommodating and comfortable for the raped individual.

Rape Support Groups and Hotlines

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