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Long term affects of child abuse

Children who have experienced child abuse may be at risk for long-term problems that can last a lifetime. Even though child abuse and neglect are separated into physical, mental and emotional factors, it's hard to separate them completely. If a child has had head injuries due to child abuse, it can damage their brain, which can lead to psychological problems such as cognitive delays or emotional difficulties.

Not all children who have been abused will experience long-term consequences. Factors of long-term consequences includes the child's age and developmental point in at which the abuse took place. The type and severity of the abuse also plays a huge factor in long-term effects of child abuse.

The immediate effects of physical child abuse can be minor or severe and sometimes deadly. Study shows that child abuse and neglect can cause certain regions in the brain to not grow properly, resulting in psychological disabilities.

Study show's that as many as 80% of young adults who were abused as a child met the criteria for at least one psychiatric disorder by the age of 21. Children who have experienced some form of child abuse will most likely suffer from social difficulties such as personality disorders and violent behavior.

Research shows that abused and neglected children will be most likely to experience delinquency at school, teen pregnancy, drug use, and mental problems. Study shows that abusive parents often have experienced abuse during their childhood, and their children are at a higher risk of experiencing abuse.

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