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Child abuse

What is child abuse?

Child abuse happens when someone mentally or physically abuse someone who is under the age of 18 years old. Neglecting a child's needs is also a form of child abuse. Most children who suffer from child abuse will feel the effects mentally for long periods of time rather than the physical affects which will might last for a shorter period of time. A child that has been abused may become depressed and violent.

Who abuses children

Most child abuse victims are abused by a family member. In several cases, children are abused by parents who were abused when they were younger. Mistreatment of children is higher amoung parents who had children in their teenage years, parents who are drug users, and parents who are alcoholics. Although most child abuse cases occurs in the home, a lot of children are abused by a caregiver or someone they know outside the home.

How to tell if a child is being abused

Sometimes it is difficult to spot a child that has been abused. Children who are often abused may try and hide their scars. It is also very common for children who have been abused to hide their emotions and are often very reluctant to tell anybody because they think no one will believe them. The longer a child gets abused, the more difficult it will be for them to make a full recovery.

Types of child abuse

There are several different types of child abuse. The most easiest form of child abuse to recognize is physical abuse because usually bruises, scratches or marks are visible.

Sexual abuse is a form of child abuse. It may be hard to tell if a child is being sexually abused, but there are some signs. If a child is having constant nightmares, genital pain, acting out sexual behavior that's inappropriate for the child's age, he or she may have been or is currently being sexually abused.

Mental abuse and emotional mistreatment is also a form of child abuse. You can tell if a child has been mentally abused if their confidence has changed, they are failing in school, they make attempts to run away from home, or has become sick with no medical reason. Emotional neglect is also a form of child abuse. If a child is desperately seeking attention or is desperately trying to gain or lose weight, they may be a victim of emotional neglect.

If you think your child has been abused, seek help from a professional immediately. Your child's physician or doctor can tell if your child has been abused and may have to testify in court to get a restraining order against whoever abused your child. If your child has been abused, he or she will benefit from the services of a qualified doctor. Your family will be asked to be evolved in the counseling process to provide support for your child. If you suspect that your child has been abused, don't hesitate to seek help, your child needs to be in a safe environment, free from harm.

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